Comic books, illustration, photography, painting, multimedia, writer, viking raider
Originally from Thunder Bay, Merk has lived all over Canada but has returned to his hometown to make, create and discover art of all sorts. His main focus is comics & graphic novels, having self published 2 already (Victor's Legacy & Nowadays) with more in the works. He also did the comic strip Zygote Bop that ran for 4 years in the Walleye: Thunder Bay's Arts & Culture Magazine. Merk also does a weekly podcast about comic books called Zero Issues Comic Podcast with local comic artists Bry Kotyk & Kyle Lees. In addition to comics, Merk also creates multimedia pieces, works in photography, writes with words (because they're fun!) amongst other media (really anything that inspires him that he can get his hands on). A fairly active part of the arts community, he regularly shows his work around town, in local sales and on a backwater world beyond Rigel 7.