Creative Programs for Youth - "Providing you the script and direction you need to give your best performance."*
We offer independent children's theatre programs for children and youth to develop experience and exposure to visual and theatrical arts through children's theatre in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.

To provide a positive, creative learning environment to encourage confidence and self-esteem

To provide an opportunity to write, read, invent, follow instructions, improvise, problem solve, think and react.

To provide art instruction that is accessible and inclusive of people of all incomes, ages, races, orientations, abilities, and cultures.

To excel at providing opportunities for people to create and expand a sense of community through visual and theatre arts.

To empower youth to take leadership in telling their innately valuable stories

To provide professional standards of excellence in visual and theatrical arts and strive to create high quality processes and productions with youth.

To create opportunities for youth to present their creative work and educate the community about their perspectives.

To involve youth as decision-makers and leaders.

To use theatre and visual art as a means for youth to examine and express identity and personal perspectives

To promote sensitivity, and willingness to work as a team regardless of culture, ability or economic backgrounds

To offer training and employment opportunities in the arts.

To reinforce professional work ethics and transferable skills.

To introduce the many aspects of theatre and visual arts that lead to possible career paths