My name is Sam (aka Blackie Chan). I was adopted from the small country of Haiti and moved to Canada at the age of two. I moved between Kingston, ON and Thunder Bay, ON while my mom put herself through school. Growing up it was always just my mom and I, and I am so very grateful for her. As a young black man growing up in the very small, predominantly white, city of Thunder Bay, there wasn't much for me to do. After graduating high school I found my love of music through producing. I've since started producing and creating new music, using my own personal style.

Since starting my Dj career in the summer of 2016, I've opened up for many world renowned producers and artists. These artists include: Shaun Frank, Borgore, Young Bombs, and Adventure Club, I've also headlined a couple of my own shows throughout the city. I am currently looking forward to continuing my career and hopefully getting more opportunities to work with other renowned producers and artists.