Call for Artists - WWI Commemorative Walk

***DEADLINE Friday May 11th, 4pm***

The City of Thunder Bay is presently undertaking a project that will create visually distinctive streetscapes in three locations, St. Patrick’s Square, the Waverley Park lookout and the Waverley Park Pavilion. The objective of this project is to develop these three spaces as visually identifiable nodes to link the three spaces, and to commemorate the WWI Anniversary for the citizens of Thunder Bay. This distinctive visual language will be in part determined by integrated public art in the landscape and structural elements of these three spaces.

Canadian artists are invited to submit proposals to be selected as an artist consultant to the Project Consulting Team (Project Team). This consulting role is anticipated to generate imagery that will be integrated into the landscape and structure re-design/augmentation in the three locations currently identified as nodes for the WWI Commemorative Walk Project.

For the full RFP please visit: