Intuitive Acrylic Painting
Tracy Barry
Artist/ Owner/ Consultant
The Nest Studio Arts & Entertainment
Consulting Advantage for Creative Entrepreneurs

Tracy Barry is a visual artist from Northern Ontario. She specializes in creating paintings showcasing the beauty of Northern Ontario whether it be the majestic roots of a tree, the surreal calm of the water of the lake, or the breathtaking beauty of the Northern sky. In her subject matter, Tracy incorporates her upbringing in rural Rossport, Ontario. She creates her paintings in a way that evokes a memory, perhaps a time when the viewer may have encountered such a scene in real life.

Tracy’s artistic vision began to take shape through her sketches, which she started at the age of 10. She transitioned to oil painting in her teen years and later on in her 20's moved on to acrylics, which is her preferred medium. She has been a professional artist since 2010. What makes Tracy unique is that she paints intuitively and produces thought provoking art. Her goal is to leave the viewer “wanting more”. In her painting she leaves room for interpretation by the viewer, thereby giving not only a unique visual representation, but also adding a philosophical element to her work.

In addition to being a professional artist and community advocate for creative healing , Tracy is also an accomplished entrepreneur. She continues to develop her career by having opening The Nest Studio, a multifaceted business which includes the following motivation/inspirational activities and services in the arts such as; Painting workshops, Poetry Night Reading Series and Acoustic Performances, Canadian Hatched Poetry and a new program for called the Consulting Advantage for Creative Entrepreneurs.