Clothing Designer
Joyce studied fashion at Folkestone School of Art in England .After graduating she joined Moncreiffe`s clothing company, producing their fashion line. Based in Canada she built a portfolio in the local Quarter horse circuit.1990 she started building her signature style. Her designs have been shown in stores and galleries in Canada and the U.S. Pushing boundaries of fashion not following seasonal trends,with her quirky approach to mixing polar opposites; light and shadow, sharp and soft, female and masculine, it lets her pushe the boundaries of fashion,finding materials that express new forms. Unfinished seams, unexpected closures and innovative leather accents. A visionary with a passion for sculpture. Joyce lets the silhouettes of her designs do the talking, by transforming the human body into an aesthetically pleasing and meaningful figure. Her designs live past the season for free thinking woman.A choice to
produce small lines keeps production fresh along with attention to by pass mass global mauufactoring.Choosing limited editions were the process can be labour intensive with Eco printing and dying making the process an exciting discovery.
She is building a portfolio of unique accessories with her expert use of texture and sculptural forms. From leather work to metal filigree jewellery fusing sheet metal and stones.

Joyce shares her knowledge by mentoring young and upcoming fashion students encouraging them to produce in Canada

The garment is my canvas where design is only limited by the imagination.